The Church Today

The church being located in the heart of Pune city, also know as Oxford of the East. We have various ministries to encourage fellowship and togetherness amongst fellow members of different  age groups. The arms or the wings of the church are; The Sunday School, The Youth Fellowship, The Women’s Fellowship, The Young Adults Fellowship (IMPACT Fellowship) and the Senior Citizens Fellowship.

St. Mary's Church

Each fellowships meet on different days and times that are suitable for most of the members. Do visit the individual pages to know more of these fellowships and yes, join the one that you find most suitable to help in your walk with the Lord. Beside this there are Area Bible Fellowships that gather in different locations and areas of the city. the prime objective is to study the Bible and collectively grow strong in the Word. For those who want to do a systematic study of the Bible we have the TAFFTEE course conducted in church. This course is run by the TAFFTEE organization and run with the help of the Women’s Fellowship. For those who want to minister to the lord through their voice we have a Choir where you can blend your voice and sing to the Lord joyfully. If you have any questions or need any spiritual assistance or require a prayer, do reach us from the Contact section of the website or visit the reverend on weekdays at 11:00 AM onwards in the church.

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