Womens Fellowship

The Womens Fellowship meet every alternate Saturdays for a time of fellowship and prayer. The fellowship is led by Mrs Mrudula Ghodke and aptly supported by a core team and other fellowship members.

Since the start, the WF efforts are focused on sharing the blessings of God with the underprivileged and deprived class of the society. During lent period in pandemic, the Women’s fellowship took lead and distributed grocery packets, each worth, Rs 1000/- to 100 needy families. This ensured that no needy family goes without meals due to pandemic. The WF also regularly have orphanage visits as apart of the fellowship activities. They visit orphanages and distribute stationary, toys and snacks. This year we were privileged to share the joy of Christmas with the orphan children of The Good Shepherd Home by distributing new clothes to them

A special mention was when the WF was able to send a truck loaded with relief materials, to the flood affected people in Islampur a village in western Maharashtra, near Sangli. The WF also provide toiletries and some medicine to the women in brothels.

Beside these our online symposium on the subject of Effects of pandemic on the students and education system, Talks and guidance by the expert medical fraternity on how to face the challenge of Corona, program giving tributes to our respected teachers and the cookery show…. displaying the culinary skills of our dear sisters, were widely appreciated.

Along with this work for the society, we ensure we strive for our spiritual growth of each member and our church. We conduct chain prayer meetings… online and physically and non stop Bible recitation for 6 hours in our Church for revival and other needs of the church.

All this was possible only with God’s grace and the overwhelming response of the entire congregation. who generously contributed towards all these noble causes.

The WF is truly humbled and touched by the trust and love bestowed upon us. All the glory to the God. Please uplift the Womens Fellowship in your prayers.

Greatful to each one of you.

Mridula Ghodke,
Women’s fellowship.

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