Youth Fellowship

SMC-Youth Fellowship

“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth”…Ecclesiastes 12:1

The Youth Fellowship meets every Saturday at 5:30 PM in Church for a time of  Bible study, fellowship and recreation. the purpose of this group as the motto suggests is to remember and glorify Lord Jesus in our young days. The members are encouraged to live out to search the purpose God has for their lives and live it out. Beside this the fellowship carries out various activities and events to assist the Church in fulfilling its vision and mission. Some highlights of this were seen even in the lockdown as some members assisted a group of stranded labourers reach back to their home far away. Provided food and water to the homeless during that time. Beside this the members were always on lookout for any church member in need financially, emotionally or in any other way.

Beside our set meetings we also have our yearly events mainly the Youth Sundays, Retreats and the much looked forward Christmas Party. If you want to join us you are more than welcome. Just leave your name and contact address with out office staff and we will reach out to you.

YF Events

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Christmas 2020

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